A few words from our beloved and most appreciated clients.

It's the second time that I booked Cami. The first experience was wonderful, but the second experience was even better. This lovely woman is an absolute treasure, and she deserves the same consideration and courtesy she shows her customers. Cami is genuinely concerned with the happiness of those who hire her as a consultant, as she then can showcase her communication skills and get you on the right track with you sexual side. This treasure has the potential to become addictive, and I'm already contemplating purchasing her again. She lacks any flaws. Excellent mindset to possess. Before getting down to business, we spent a considerable amount of time talking, kissing and touching eachother, resulting in the perfect prelude.


This girl is raunchy, has a wealth of life experience, and is much sexier in person than she appears in these photographs. We engaged in a great deal of conversation; she is an engaging and pleasant individual. I requested that she dress and behave as a raver girl, and she did so flawlessly. It was the most incredible GFE encounter I've ever had. If you are going to read this, Katerina, I wish you the best of luck in everything you do and hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Together, Katerina and I had a wonderful time!

Morris Q.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Maria! As soon as I saw her, I immediately felt at ease and horny. She is the adept at ensuring that you have a great time in any circumstance! I will make a second reservation for sure. She is not only incredibly adorable and has the most perfect natural body, just like the photos on her profile, but she is also incredibly warm, kind, and cheerful. Obviously, she is an absolute delight in bed, with a genuine concern for her clients and a genuine desire to fulfil their needs. Thank you so much! I eagerly anticipate our next meeting.


Without a doubt, Delya is of the highest quality. The zeal with which she approached all of her endeavours made her even more beautiful than her photographs. In addition to receiving all of the additional features I had requested, I also received a massage and engaging conversation. Strongly recommended! She is both wonderful and a genuine treasure and will arrive fast at your address. She was phenomenal in every aspect. She granted me permission to admire her beauty while exceeding my expectations and meeting all of my demands. You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out, and I can't wait to see you again, my dear.

Neel K.

Kiki is an absolutely remarkable escort. Her warmth and friendliness extend beyond her physical beauty; in fact, her character and welcoming personality is what makes her even more attractive. Charming! Kiki was so incredible, the entire experience was simply mind-boggling. I'm glad I finally got to know her after a very long time of wanting to do so. I appreciate Amsterdam Escort Girls for arranging it; as usual, your team did an excellent job. I am looking forward to our next meeting your highness, Kiki.


Electra is a very sweet girl when you first meet her, but once she gets going, she transforms into a completely different and sexy animal. Her smile is the stuff that dreams are made of; she is a superstar. Her eyes are truly magnificent, and it is simple to become entranced by them. Her body is proportioned and comprised of the perfect forms. I was able to capture her full attention, and it was well worth the effort. If you treat her with respect, she'll provide you with an unforgettable experience. It is obvious that she genuinely enjoys the work she performs; she has no sense of urgency and does not watch the clock.


Ana had a flavour similar to a delicious Chianti, and I enjoyed her immensely. She exemplifies a refined, well-mannered, and incredibly charming Italian belle. I can guarantee that if I had access to this wine many years ago, I would have been completely inebriated. Because she is the most beautiful escort I've seen in the past two decades, it is not surprising that this girl charges the fee that she does. In addition to bringing some toys, she also brought the requested outfit. The outcome was the most enjoyable time ever, so a repeat will be necessary when I return. In every way, she is exquisite and utterly captivating. Best wishes.

Hedrig H.

I had the pleasure of spending an incredible hour with Cindy just now. She greeted me with a friendly smile upon her arrival. She attended to my needs and had an fantastic appearance. We had a wonderful time together, and I would recommend her without hesitation. I will remember for a very long time giving her long, lingering kisses and cuddling up against her beautiful body. I will never forget these two things. She also has excellent conversational skills, resembling a genuine angel disguised as a diva. My opinion is that she is more beautiful in person than in her photographs. So skilled, that I intend to return to her once more.


Francesca is an outstanding young lady. She is even more beautiful in person than in the professional photographs. Her appearance is absolutely stunning. Francesca is extraordinary in every way, very empathic and alluring simultaneously. She was exceptionally skilled at flirting with and luring me in. In every way, her physical appearance was flawless. The fulfilment of a dream. Thanks to her eloquent tongue, my nefarious imagination will have an abundance of material to work with.

Kevin N.

During my business trip to Amsterdam, I had the pleasure of spending time with Samyra, a person with a wonderful disposition. She is easy to converse with and makes you feel very comfortable in her presence, both during the conversation and after it has concluded. It would be fantastic to see her during my upcoming trip. Samyra created an atmosphere that was warm and inviting. I was immediately put at ease and consoled. Intelligent too. Two hours spent with her were thoroughly enjoyable. And an excellent kisser to boot! She is composed and entertaining, and she has a great sense of humour. She is simultaneously attractive, sexy, and adorable. She is even more beautiful in person than in the photographs. Her appearance is absolutely stunning.

Kelly G.

I'm not going to write the typical Diva review, which is full of flowery language but provides no useful information to potential clients. I won't be doing that. Here are the most important takeaways and reasons why you should immediately reserve Nordica. Her appearance is exquisite. She appears identical to the photos on her profile. When she smiles, she bears a striking goddess look. Her naturally full and perky breasts are just impressive. If you like breasts between B and C cup size, you'll adore hers. Her posterior is toned and taut, with just enough roundness and fullness to grab onto while she is on top.


We had two rounds of intense fun with no problems; she is polite and efficient; the only drawback is that her photos need to be updated! Because her appearance is even more stunning in person. Natalie was incredible; from the very beginning, she put me at ease, and by the end of the evening, I was convinced that I had made the best possible choice for tonight. When she is treated well, she is a funny and sexy individual who is also capable of being a truly exceptional person. Nothing but good things can be said about her. Due to how much I enjoyed myself, I am eager to see her again as soon as possible. Despite her limited exposure to English, she has a strong command of the language.


Lemato was very good. Because my hotel was so close to the underground station, it was simple for her to get there. The room was pleasant, and the toilet and shower were immaculate. The girl looks like her selfies, pretty and smooth skin. She only posts authentic selfies to her profile. She provided an incredible body-to-body massage to begin the service, porooving to be exceptionally talented with her hands. While doing her thing, she asked me to finger her, which I did, and it was enjoyable for both of us. It was an amazing sexual encounter, and she is eager to try any position. Overall, a lovely young woman who offers excellent value for the fee. Thank you so much, Lemato, and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.


Serena is as valuable as a jewel. Intent on gaining your approval. No dull moment. Delightful to spend time with. She may have tattoos, but she exercises frequently and will not allow you to catch up on sleep. The best it's ever been, in a brand-new, opulent flat. An hour was spent with this beautiful young woman, who is absolutely stunning. Our sessions are consistently very intense because of the strong connection I have with this girl. Gentlemen, treat her with courtesy and respect. She exemplifies the term "sweetheart." If you treat her with respect, she will return the favour. Every service is precisely as described on the website. The second most memorable experience I have ever had! In the future, when I return to this city, we will have another opportunity to catch up. Thank you Serena.


This was my first experience with Staffie, and the process of calling to make an appointment was very straightforward. Staffie is a beauty who greeted me at the door with a smile and a stunning black lingerie set. She's a slim but voluptuous woman with natural curves. Her friendly and casual demeanour immediately put me at ease, and we talked about the plans and a few extras I had in mind. After the incredible main event, we chatted while she gave me a skilled massage, so I left doubly relaxed and smiling. It's an easy recommendation; the next time I'm in the area, I'll definitely go see her again!

Jay C.

I had a great time with Levi, and I hope she did as well. Her services are all accurate and generously offered. We had sex in various positions, some of which she suggested and instigated. The only drawback is that CIM isn't available, but that won't stop me from returning or recommending her because I believe her overall services are excellent, so I'll be back. Perfect English and courtesy. Sex was extremely pleasurable, and the only thing I can think of is that 3 hours was insufficient. Oh well, there will always be another time.

Alan Sch.

A fantastic girl, super cute and friendly. I can't recall the last time I had such a spontaneous encounter. She is incredibly hot in addition to being sweet and funny. And she knows exactly what she wants and how to get you going. All of the listed services were provided. I would definitely return. Tyana is a work of art and a credit to the industry. Gives great friendly fantastic service with a smile and great performance every time. I had a lot of energy and kept going until I was satisfied. Several nonstop sessions. It comes highly recommended.

John Terry

I had a fantastic time. First and foremost, Patricia is a knockout - stunningly beautiful with a soft but firm body - is there a better bum on Diva? Second, Patricia is a great person to talk to and you can spend all of your time with her. Very astute young lady. And a genuine GFE. Despite the chat, the overall experience is relaxing, with a big climax:) Needless to say, I will definitely return. Another fantastic hour with Sweetie. So open to receiving as well as giving, and it's always a truly intimate experience. She is without a doubt the best.

Marcus Elleck

Incredible experience. Kenny would go to any length to make your experience unforgettable. She is both petite and lovely. She quickly embraced the concept of true GFE after initially being shy. And then it was pure heaven. She happens to be very talkative and affectionate for a gfe, voracious kissing and eye contact, amazing skills in any position. Kenny is a lovely lady who takes her time to relax you and is happy to fulfil your desires; she is a wonderful caring person! I will most certainly return to her!

G. Mack

Brit is a pillar of Diva services. She has a very attractive figure and is very busty. Her skin and hair were both extremely soft, and I enjoyed touching her whenever we were together. To be honest, I wont be able to stop imagining things with her, not because she's insanely hot in person, but because this girl fulfilled all of my sexual fantasies! The most stunning woman, with the most perfect body. In addition, she has an amazing personality and can hold deep conversations.

G. Mack

It's my second visit to the lovely and seductive Joy. We simply picked up where we had left off. Every request was met with zeal. Joy's abilities are extraordinary. An absolutely stunning woman and experience; I'm already looking forward to my next visit. A lovely and charming lady with a stunning body. Very comfortable and warm. Excellent GFE who was not in a hurry for me to have a good time. I wholeheartedly endorse her. A skilled lady with a wide smile, a curvy body, and a pretty face. Very close to her images and services list.

Robert A.

Elvira possesses a body that is absolutely stunning in addition to a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. Will undoubtedly communicate with her again. To be completely honest, no other diva girl comes close. She is the owner of everything. Made me feel like a king. Kindly show her respect, and she will reciprocate in kind. I arranged an impromptu meeting with her, and it turns out she has model potential. Incredible experience about which I cannot stop thinking. I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to see her. I had a truly mesmerizing experience. A girl who is equally earthy, sweet, kind, and caring.

Danish M.

Michelle is an exceptionally kind and pleasant person with a remarkable level of knowledge. I found her to be even more stunning in person than in her photographs, and I was blown away by how well she performed. I cannot adequately describe how wonderful she was. I was immediately put at ease by her warm and cordial greeting. She has a great body that she maintains by regularly attending the gym. Her eyes are one of her distinguishing features. We began the evening with a glass of wine and casual conversation, while she wowed us with her flawless English speaking.

Ree S.

It was the first time I had ever visited and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Because Laura is so beautiful, we couldn't help but giggle and jiggle with glee. I will definitely take her out again. Guys, this woman is so sexy! Her pronunciation is so captivating and her genitalia tasted like strawberry wine. Her eyes are exquisitely beautiful and her presence is impeccable top to bottom, from outside to the inside. I wish we had more time to spend together.

J. Marilyn

If I had to describe Gloria in one word, I would say that she is kind. She inquired about my tardiness before admitting me, indicating that she was concerned about the difficulties it might cause. In addition to her attractive appearance, she has a tattoo of a cherry tree on the inner left arm. She has significantly more freckles than the photographs suggest, and her lips are very pouty. The selfie may be a little bit dated, but it is definitely of her. In relation to the service: If french kisss are your thing, you're in luck because she's quite heavy with them.


A perfect date, one who is courteous, modest, and submissive. Friendly and generous with items such as beverages, chocolates, and nuts. No hurry. Highly recommended for an anxiety-free experience. Her English is adequate. It's possible that she will leave in a few weeks, so be prompt. When I'm around her, I can't help but feel like a boyfriend because she is such a beautiful girl who exudes warmth and friendliness. I was ecstatic to see Caralyn again in London. It is wonderful that she is content to be with older men like myself. You will not be disappointed in any way. It is inevitable that I will visit her soon.

Michael A.

Lucky is the cutest child on the planet. An authentic instance of a physical specimen. A stunningly beautiful woman who is also extraordinarily kind and thoughtful. Although it is obvious that you are not a fan of french kiss, the fact that you are not a fan does not diminish the overall experience. In addition to everything else I could have hoped for, I had a fantastic time playing nuru. Make reservations with confidence. Just amazing! Absolutely stunning, extremely kind, and a pleasure to converse with. It appears that my tongue can now support a few additional pounds of weight. It's possible that we'll get along instantly, and while I wish I could keep you longer, I don't believe you can find any fault with this girl. Couldn't have asked for more.


It is a privilege to be able to spend time with her, as she is a truly unique individual. A highly successful initial meeting with Denissa. This woman retains her original appearance and has a beautiful hourglass figure. She is a cheerful and vivacious person who exudes a great deal of positive energy. A person who is receptive, optimistic, and able to provide a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Her exceptional skills and laid-back demeanour make spending time in her company a pleasure. She's a must-see/take-care sweetheart. I am grateful to you, Denissa, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Everyone had a wonderful time with the beautiful couple Ally and Lexi. You are treated like a boyfriend, and as soon as they walk through the door, they ensure your comfort. They are even more beautiful and their curves are more defined in person. Natural breasts and perfect rear ends. Excellent sexual experience. They will definitely ensure you get satisfied. It was incredible how 'badly' they messed up. I adored their upbeat demeanour as well as the fact that they are extremely sociable and enjoy conversing. Always smiling. I would urge anyone and everyone to make a reservation with this beautiful couple because I am confident you and your friends will be satisfied.


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